An Open Letter to Healthcare Providers and Patients about Radiology Driving $50 Billion in Annual Healthcare Savings

If I told you that better radiology has an opportunity to drive $50 billion in healthcare cost savings annually, would that get your attention?

The $200 billion radiology sector represents nearly 8% of the total U.S. healthcare spend and is one of the largest categories of hospital spending. Touching nearly every patient and disease category, radiology is a big deal in healthcare, but it is often a forgotten outlier.

Despite its importance to hospital economics and patient care, radiology lags substantially behind other healthcare practices in terms of comprehensive performance standards to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of service. Without comprehensive and consistent performance standards, it is nearly impossible for the practice of radiology to measure and be accountable for the true value it could create. This lack of comprehensive performance standards is partially accountable for issues such as the over-utilization of hi-tech imaging, estimated to be 20-50%, and an avoidable error rate of 4.4% for radiology diagnoses…

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Radiology Performance Standards

View our proposed performance standards for radiology. We’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on how to further improve these measures. We also welcome the sharing of data, analysis or research related to these standards.

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A New Methodology for Evaluating Radiology Error Rates

Download this paper for insight into the extensive analysis of 5 years of error data. The research resulted in a new process for evaluating error rates based on study complexity and potential for significant pathology.

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Diagnostic Accuracy in Radiology

Every physician makes diagnostic errors in treating patients, and well-trained radiologists are not exempt from mistakes. This paper highlights our research into documented error rates and establishes a benchmark standard for interpretive accuracy.

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